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Blaine Morris is an accomplished director with an eye towards creating authentic performances and visuals through diverse female driven, queer and genre content. She has been mentored by Oscar nominated Charles Shyer, Rob Schiller, Barnet Kellman, Katy Garretson, Joanna Johnson, and Jon Shear. She is a Film Independent Project Involve 2024 Director Fellow.


The Ciguapa

Queer Latinx Horror Short: A queer Latino couple go to a cabin for their anniversary but a mysterious woman they find in the woods threatens to break them apart. Based on the Dominican folklore monster, The Ciguapa.

Outfest, Out on Film Atlanta, NFMLA, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival

Ambulance Chasers

Multi-cam Sitcom: At the seedy law offices of Kouzoukas & Associates, a young lawyer struggles to maintain his idealism and sense of justice, surrounded by cynical employees looking to make a quick buck.

USC First Look

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 3.37.48 PM.png
opening shotwithlaurels.jpg

Walk of Fame

Drama Short: When her best friend abandons her in a boy band’s hotel room, Randi, a loyal wing-woman, navigates the sexual implications of being alone with a famous boy band member.

Official Latino Film Festival, NY Shorts, Female Filmmaker Fuse

Bonito Secrets

Tasked with finding the will of her mother after she dies, Mariana, a middle aged Latina woman, returns to their home but finds the memories of the past have become full hallucinations derailing her mental health.

NY Latino Film Festival, Official Latino Film Festival

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 6.09.31 PM.png

YSL Spec Commercial

Queer Perfume Spec Commercial

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